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POWER UP, POWER PEOPLE!  I am Nikki M.G. The Power Expert - your resource for all things organizing, resource mobilization, and movement strategy! l offer honest, values-based coaching, strategic planning, organizing training, and campaign implementation capacity for social, racial, environmental, and democracy building organizations across the United States.


My specialty is working with women, Black people, and people from historically marginalized communities and identities, and who are leading within multi-cultural nonprofits, worker centers, labor unions, and foundations. For a limited number of clients, my team and I provide fundraising, event management, and grant writing services. I am also available for public speaking engagements. Welcome to my site!


Ever since I became conscious of racism and sexism as a kid - I dreamed of becoming a civil rights organizer. As I grew up and learned more about the construct we live in, my questions became less about “why” and more about “who” and “how.”  As in “How is it possible that so many people labor hard all their lives and remain poor in this prosperous nation?” And, “Who was responsible for setting minimum wages and why don’t so many workers have access to affordable healthcare?”  Or, “How did it come to be in a Democracy that so many people don't vote?"


And more importantly, “How do I build the power to shift the culture and rules that shape the conditions of my life? Of my community? Of our nation? Of our world?



After 15 years of leading intense: 

- community and labor organizing

- coalition building and management

- electoral campaigning and mass voter mobilization

- nonprofit infrastructure building

- grant writing and fundraising

- strategic planning, trainings, and

- REAL PROVEN POLICY AND CONTRACT WINS with a variety of values-based organizations, and more...


I am excited to share all the concrete lessons I have learned about POWER.  The power to not only build a long-term values-based career, but the power to build and sustain movement,  win big campaigns, and actually make people feel clear, bought-in, dignified, and excited about their role in the movement.


What is your vision for yourself?

Your organization?

Your campaign?

Let’s break it down with crystal clarity so that your team can implement winning strategies!  


Set up a free 30-minute consultation to determine if working with me and my team is the right fit. 

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