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Issaquarius Szn Yáll!

For those confused, it is Aquarius Season, you all.

I'm hyped. I'm pumped. I'm ready to go. My nails are painted aquamarine with sparkles. My hands are adorned in amethysts and my locs intermixed in gold rings. I put on my purple lipstick, bought a pair of gold rhinestone heeled booties, and rented a sleek black designer dress to wear for my birthday party and brunch. I've been listening to Gucci Mane on repeat. Why? Because I love Gucci. And because we share the same birthday - February 12.

I share the same birthday with a lot of bad asses actually. Powerful organizers, educators, and progressive public leaders like Sequnely Gray, Dany Sigwalt, Mya Hunter, Robert White, and of course, Tiffany Flowers. As my friend Aja Taylor said yesterday, "Nikki MG Cole and Tiffany Flowers being born on the same day makes so much sense. Universe was in her bag." Shout out to all the Aquarians across the universe. We are a group of powerful humanitarians, leaders, creatives, and innovators who use the force well to bring about change on this planet. Some other favorite Aquarians of mine include Oprah, Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan, Bob Marley, LeVar Burton, Alicia Keyes, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Megan Thee Stallion, Yara Shahidi, Uzo Aduba and.... Loki, I mean, Tom Hiddleston.

Lemme tell ya 'bout my Power Expert, 42nd Aquarian Birthday though. l was

intentional about it this year. I visited and booked space and activities at Lush Baltimore in advance. I LOVE LUSH. It might be my favorite business . . . aside from my own of course. BTW my new pilot crash course on strategy drops Sunday February 25. Spread the word and get in on it!

But I know that sounds weird for a social justice organizer to say - "my favorite business." But seriously - everything in the store is hand-made, recyclable, sustainably sourced and humanely produced. They fund racial, environmental, and indigenous justice organizations and campaigns. I met their CEO at a REPARATIONS CONFERENCE in ATLANTA LAST YEAR. C'MON! You don't get more progressive than that. And they are all about wellness. I feel really good spending my money with Lush and I feel even better bathing myself and my child with their luxurious products. I'm instilling joy and fun into my child's hygiene self-care routines from the jump! And you know what else - Lush Baltimore's staff are amazing! Shout out to Alicia and Niquey! They even put on Beyonce's Renaissance album - ON REPEAT - just for me and my party, while also guiding us in making intergalactic bath bombs and mermaid bubble bars! OMG, SO MUCH AQUARIAN BOUGIE ENERGY. #YouCantSitWithUs

After the Lush party, I had arranged reservations for a party of 12 at Maximon at the 4 Seasons Hotel in downtown Baltimore. I sent out digital invitations and a calendar invite to a select group of powerful women that I love truly and want to continue being in purposeful relationship with. And we had a truly magical time together - so much so that everyone is excited to organize to stay in community and wellness together!!!

This was also the first birthday I've ever had where people sang the Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday song to me. The experience almost made me cry tears of joy. I was filled to the brim with gratitude. I love Stevie so, so much. I love Black people so much. I love my diverse set of friends and co-conspirators so, so much. Drop a Heart in the comments if you've had a Happy Birthday song spiritual experience too!

This level of intentionality and action marks growth for me personally because usually my birthday comes and goes like any other day... OR, I'm doing an action at a Federal building to demand the abolition of the $2.13 subminimum wage and the establishment of one fair minimum wage plus tips on top and pegged to inflation, dammit! Cuz if you know me, you know that my path to power started off by organizing other tipped workers like me in DC. So I will always fight for my people's rights. I'm just trying to be less self-sacrificial about it these days.

So this year for my birthday, I actually thought about what I would like to do to celebrate my life in advance. I think after being in that crazy car crash last April, I just feel so grateful to be alive. I've been feeling the life in my body with acuity; been struggling with being mentally present each working moment; and delving deeply back in to bathing rituals, vegetarianism, juicing, and daily walks to sustain myself for the long term. I have a 5-year-old and a family I need to be around for another 50 - 60 years for, you know?!

So while we brunched at Maximon, I opted for the guacamole, mushroom tacos, and asparagus tacos instead of meat. And I had the most delicious light, fluffy, artistic chocolate cake slice of heaven ever created. The food, ambiance, and service were on point. YO! I AM DROOLING OVER THAT ASPARAGUS TACO JUST THINKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. No Joke. I do not miss meat. What I do miss though is my life before chronic inflammation. . ..

Speaking of inflammation, this Aquarius Season I've also been watching and rewatching a lot of great documentaries about our food and health systems in the United States. Because I know it's true and these films agitate me to the point of positive action. I am recommitting to my vision of homeownership with a lush backyard full of vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown by ME. I need to know exactly where my food is coming from. I need to know that it's safe for me and my family to consume. I need to know its fresh and free of cancerous pesticides and E.coli. I need to treat my food as medicine because that's what its always been. And I need to not take the production of food for granted anymore. We all need to stop taking food production for granted. Because the S.A.D. is killing everyone and everything. It's time for a massive and collective shift NOW. May God have mercy on us all and continue to bless us with more time to organize new food systems that aren't rooted in industrial agriculture - aka slavery. I said it. Because that's what it is plain and simple. Industrial agriculture requires the enslavement of living beings.

And Mother Nature is like - "Fuck y'all with this shit! I'mma burn y'all up and flood y'all out! Muhf*ckas good riddance!" I feel like Mother Earth is about to go Griselda Blanco on us as a species, you know?! She's not taking anymore of our abuse and is going to be dropping bodies Extinction Level Event style.

Here are 4 movies/series that I highly recommend watching if you're serious about your health, your life, and the sustainability of our home planet. They each offer a lot to reflect on in terms of lifestyle choices, our food and health system, wellness solutions, environmental degradation and racism, and ecosystem regeneration.

And if after seeing any of these series or documentaries, you feel motivated to get in formation on the fight to save our planet and create new food systems, check out the H.E.A.L. Food Alliance and all of their affiliated organizations. Their Platform for Real Food is the answer. Consider joining their organization today, advocating for reform of the Farm Bill, or making a donation.

And on that note...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AND HAPPY AQUARIUS SZN AND BLACK HISTORY MONTH EVERYBODY! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I hope you're as tickled as I am with this Aquarius-Gucci-Mane-birthday-reflection-turned-gloom-and-doom-turned-call-to-action blog as I am. You can't get much more Aquarian than this. Issa vibe.

Power Up, Power People!

Yours For Real,

Nikki M.G. The Power Expert

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